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Massive Excavator vs Train! Excavator Stops Train Almost Instantly!

When you see a train rolling down the tracks and a vehicle stuck in its path, generally it’s not going to be so good for the vehicle as the train will plow through it and just keep on rolling until the brakes are able to do their job and bring the heavyweight to a halt down the tracks a bit.

This time, however, we stop in a situation where an 18 wheeler hauling an excavator seems to have become stuck on the tracks and when a train comes bearing down on the construction equipment, it isn’t exactly a situation where it’s able to keep on moving with this momentum.

Instead of plowing right through it, the train instead comes to an almost immediate halt, taking all of the momentum from the super heavy transportation and bringing it down to zero. That one had to leave a mark for anyone who was on board and probably flew forward in the process.

Check out the video down below as the abrupt stop is all captured on camera. It sounds like the people on hand didn’t even know what to think when the collision happened! I’m not really sure that I would know what to say in a spot like that, either.


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