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Massive RC Car Towing People On Skiis

If you venture on over to YouTube these days, there are a lot of wacky things happening. As the platform is one that rewards creativity and outside-the-box thoughts, people are always spitballing and trying to come up with the next big thing to make a video that will attract viewers and have them coming back for more. Whether or not this one meets said criteria, we can’t really be sure, but it certainly caught our eye as an experiment that we had to sit down and watch. There’s no way that we could hear about something like this and simply continue on with our day without wondering how it would all pan out for this remote control car.

After taking possession of this massive remote control machine, the YouTuber in question here, by the name of Carter Sharer, would take it to the ski slopes to see exactly how it could make magic happen when using a tow rope and a ready and willing skier to see exactly what kind of towing capacity the Traxxas Xmaxx would be capable of and how it could turn into a great time. While the machine couldn’t quite get it done driving up the hill with a skier holding on, when it came to a flat ground or slight downward grade situation, it turns out that the power offered up by this thing would make the situation all that much more fun.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the wacky antics for yourself, seeing how exactly someone can take something so simple as a remote control car and turn into a great time like this. This one leads you to wonder what kind of other things people will think up when it comes to using such a toy. We’re sure, that in the world of YouTube, someone is coming up with some pretty wacky concepts that are soon to come.