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Massive Supercharger on V8 Volkswagen Bug Takes a Complete 360 From Its Original Self

When it comes to going fast, this guy seems to have the formula down. When you add some cubic inches and subtract some weight, you’re most certainly bound to have a good time as it seems to be an equation that has worked over and over again. Even if you make “too much” power and can’t find traction, such a combination is sure to be a blast when you get the opportunity to lay into that long, skinny pedal and let all of those ponies flow through your foot as you maybe lay some black marks down on the highway.

This time, the platform comes in the form of a lightweight Volkswagen Beetle and under the hood is none other than eight cylinders of fury, complete with a supercharger that makes the combination so massive that you can barely see out the windshield of this thing. It has to be tough to drive this one, but we really get the feeling that it’s more than worth it as the power is really unleashed.

When seeing a quick driveby of this car, we can’t help but get devilish thoughts of adding something like nitrous to the equation in order to make this thing really get up and fly on top of it’s already stout appearing setup. The torque has to be amazing with this ride as we would imagine that it would snap you right back in your seat if you tried to fight the momentum.

Check out the video below that showcases the build and takes us for a little test drive in this Volkswagen with a little extra punch. I’m not sure that the folks over at VW ever saw their creation looking anything like this at any point in its lifecycle when it originally rolled off of the assembly line!