Massive Yacht Goes up in Flames, Drifts Through Marina as Onlookers Panic

If there’s one way to add insult to injury when it comes to boating, it would ...

If there’s one way to add insult to injury when it comes to boating, it would be fire. Naturally, water is a fire suppressant in many cases. Being surrounded by water is nothing short of a tease when it might be the solution that you simply can’t access.

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This time, we check in with such a situation that really had to be a little bit scary to witness. We can’t really quite say what exactly it was that caused such a scenario. However, onlookers would be left to stop and stare as a rather sizable boat went up in flames. Apparently, there was no fire department nearby with the appropriate tools to put out the fire because the boat was simply left the drift around until it would burn into the water, we presume.

Fortunately, the vessel was put into a place where it wouldn’t cause even more mayhem. For anyone who has seen these sorts of videos before, it’s natural for this kind of situation to end up tangling with a dock or even other vessels. While one might not think of the water as a place for fire, it turns out that these drifting boats end up being almost like magnets to other boats which are also fire-prone. Also notable is that these vessels are pretty quick to go up in flames which is surprising because most of them are made out of fiberglass.

Below, we spectate the situation that really got out of hand in a hurry. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show what happens after the boat drifted by or how this all got started. A little bit of context here might help to paint the picture a little bit better. Hopefully, everybody was alright and the boat owner had a nice insurance policy to cover this massive loss.


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Photo: Jack Schachner

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