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Max Performance LS1 Powered Drag Truck Shooting For 8s

Many of us drag racing freaks have been there, chasing down that number and putting every ounce of our passion into the pursuit of making sure that we get there. Sometimes, it might take time, money, and busted knuckles, but when you finally get that time slip, it’s more than worth it!

If you can identify with the struggle, then you can’t help but get behind someone else who is in the same boat that you are in or have been in before. That’s exactly what we’re watching here as this team of guys takes their boosted Chevrolet Silverado and attempts to push the full-size pickup truck into the 8-second Range.

It’s certainly a battle as the turbo truck has managed to hang out in the low nines, teasing the team with a 9-second flat pass. Even though that’s really impressive, these guys really want to take it just another step further and put it into the 8s, a major accomplishment for anyone who has ever turned wrenches on a racing machine before.

Check out the video down below that shows this heavy Chevy hooking Harden and barreling down the drag strip for that ever so elusive 8-second pass that comes to life as it makes all of the guys jump for joy when the scoreboard illuminates with the numbers that they have been dying to see pop up. Congratulations to everyone involved in this build whose hard work has ended with some satisfying results!