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Mclaren Just Took The Ultimate Hyper Car To Another Level

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 29, 2020

When it comes to McLaren, naturally, we expect a lot from a car company that exclusively specializes in the world of supercars. No matter what model one picks from the lineup, it’s likely going to stand out on the roadways. There aren’t very many McLarens floating around out there and the ones that are, are sure to draw attention from the general public.

However, as the brand has a whole variety of different vehicles, it needs to be able to differentiate one from the next. So, what does it take as a supercar to stand out in a room full of supercars? The short answer is that this is a task that isn’t that easy even for the most experienced brands with rooms full of creative types and engineers that strive to define this every day.

In the case of McLaren, one of the brands that have certainly managed to live up to this, the Senna is one option that really leads the way. The machine with a seven-figure asking price certainly is one that demands the attention of every single person, enthusiast or not. This time, we take an opportunity to check out a car that takes the Senna just one step further.

The Senna GTR LM adds a little bit of a twist to the mix. There are a variety of different touches that make the car stand out visually and perform better. Within we find more power, a higher rev limiter, specialty wheels, and even a ridiculous livery that is said to have taken hundreds of hours to perfect.

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Below, we join in with Seen Through Glass as they take us to the Salon Privé Cibciyrs D’Elegance where there were numerous amazing machines on display. Included, we find the opportunity to pick through the Senna GTR LM a bit!

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