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McLaren’s P1 vs Lamborghini Aventador

Posted by: Matt Wright on July 17, 2014

McLaren's P1 vs Lamborghini Aventador

This video shows the amazing features of the McLaren P1 at a racetrack in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The P1 comes with Formula 1 derived features such as the Instant Power Assist System (IPAS), which will give an instant boost in acceleration via the electric motor, a Drag Reduction System (DRS) which operates the car’s rear wing, thereby increasing straight line speed.

McLaren P1

The McLaren’s P1 features a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 that is similar to McLaren’s MP4-12c in displacement only.  The twin turbos boost this motor to 727 horses and lay down 531 lb/ft of torque at 7,500 RPM.  This car also features an electric motor giving it an extra 176 ponies and another 192 ft/lb of torque for a total output of 903 horsepower and 722 ft/lbs of torque.  All this in a car that weighs only 3,075 lbs. The electric motor can be deployed manually by the driver or left in automatic mode, whereby the car’s ECUs ‘torque fill’ the gaps in the petrol motor’s output, which is considered turbo lag. This gives the powertrain an effective powerband of almost 7000 rpm. The car is rear-wheel drive with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

So what does this mean on the track?  These numbers equate to a 2.8 0-60 time and a standing quarter mile in blistering 9.8 seconds @ 152 mph.  Top speed is limited to 217 mph, but charts show this car could exceed this.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

Now let’s stage this car with another of the top supercars on the market.  The Lamborghini Aventador. The Aventador LP 700-4 is an all wheel drive 690 horsepower and 510 ft/ lbs of torque.  The LP 700 can run 0-60 right with the P1 at 2.9 seconds, but that is where the story ends.  The 1/4 mile for the Aventador slides in at 10.6 seconds @ 137 mph.  Definitely no slouch here, but you can see what that difference looks like in the race through the 1/4 mile here. Here is what some of the people in social world have said so far! Do you agree, make sure you chime in!

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.11.55 PM

Some seem surprised, others not so much!

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