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Mechanic Comes Across The Wildest Exhaust Ever Made

When it comes to what goes down in the garage, there can be more than one way to accomplish a single goal. Lots of factors might feed into which decision the particular mechanic decides to make. Perhaps cost is a major consideration. In this case, there are plenty of parts to get the job done. Sure, they might not be as pretty as high-dollar parts but they could be completely effective. Heck, someone could even effectively fabricate an exhaust themselves out of parts that they have laying around. This isn’t that person.

This time, we run into a car that has rolled into the shop and has surprises around every corner. We’re not quite sure what this one came in for. However, what this particular mechanic found is nothing short of a complete surprise. The exhaust underneath the car is a little bit… creative.

It truly appears as if the person behind the exhaust pulled out all the stops. They didn’t just hit one aisle at Home Depot, they went to multiple departments. Between plumbing, roofing, and several other departments, enough parts were sourced in order to create a custom exhaust. To top it all off, the mounting brackets provide a wide variety of materials as well. Our favorite hanger of the bunch just so happens to be speaker wire that’s tied up nice and tight.

To be frank, this might be the most suspenseful exhaust video that we’ve ever seen. With every second that elapses, we’re super curious to see what’s coming next. With a creation like this, one can never know what the creator was thinking of or what’s coming next. When all is said and done, I guess that if it works, it works. With the way this thing looks though, we have to admit that we’re not convinced.

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