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Mechanic Earns Six Figures, Lives in His Shop, & Won’t Spend Money on ANYTHING – Extreme Cheapskates

Many have that person in our lives who have an abundance of money but simply don’t want to spend it. The situation can be a real head-scratcher as we can’t help but wonder what they’re doing with that stash of cash. What it’s all really worth if they aren’t going to spend it?

Hey, to each their own, I guess!

For some folks, I suppose that this could be pretty understandable. Maybe somebody just doesn’t really enjoy having what others consider luxuries. Perhaps, they’re saving for retirement or a rainy day. However, some just take it to an extent that’s really difficult to grasp. It turns out that TLC has an entire show dedicated to showcasing this lifestyle.

When this story started out, it was one that we could identify with. After all, being a mechanic and finding a way to live in a garage isn’t all that far-fetched of an idea. If the shop is big enough, I think that many car guys have dreamt about having a small apartment with a big garage. However, this particular individual by the name of Larry Melvin takes it to the next level entirely.

With reality shows like this, we definitely have to question the validity of some of the details. However, if a fraction of what we learn here is true, we have stumbled upon what might be the cheapskate of all cheapskates.

Larry says that he does earn six figures. However, that doesn’t stop him from getting incredibly creative when it comes to saving money. He tells us that this creativity saves him up to 25% on living costs. However, that means using electricity from customer car batteries and even reusing bath water to wash customer vehicles among other strange tactics.

He says that he wants to be known as the cheapest but also the best mechanic in town.

The cherry on the sundae comes when we learn about how he washes windows. In order to save a quick buck, Melvin combines feminine pads with cola in order to give car windows a shine. To make matters even more confusing, he refuses to buy a mattress. Instead, this mechanic will sleep in the back of customer cars that are due for a long-term stay. In Larry’s book, every dollar spent is a dollar wasted.