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Mechanic’s Trick Shows SUPER Fast Way to Remove Rusty Hardware Without Heat

Over the years, working in the garage becomes a sort of an art form. Sure, most jobs have a simple roadmap to get from point A to point B. However, in between those points, sometimes one might run into a little bit of a snag that holds up progress. When approaching the snags, having a handy wealth of experience is a great way to make sure the snags don’t end up ruining the job altogether.

For anyone who has worked on an older car, rusty hardware is most certainly nothing new. Sometimes, the rust could be worse than other times. When it gets really bad, though, rust can turn a quick job into something that is an all-day affair.

However, for those who have the aforementioned wealth of experience, perhaps such a hurdle might not at add that much time to the job, after all.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, MotorMike, who gives us a little bit of insight into one of the techniques that he frequently will use when he wants to get a rusty bolt undone.

Typically, mechanics might use heat from a torch in a situation like this in order to attempt to make the nut a little bit easier to get undone. However, in this particular situation, we check another trick that involves nothing more than a chisel and a little bit of patience to remove the hardware from the stud in question. In fact, this trick might even leave the stud intact, meaning that the threads could still very well be usable for a new nut to be put in place.

Below, we get to see the method in action. Even if this isn’t something that one ends up using every time that they run into a rusty bolt situation, it’s definitely handy to have in the back of your mind just in case the other options don’t exactly work out.