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Owner of Viral 69 Daytona and 70 Superbird Caught in Hurricane Ian Speaks About Experience

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, a photo went incredibly viral that showcased a couple of rare classic cars that had been eaten up in the path of destruction. Between the machines, we find a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, of which there were only 503 examples made. The other car in the picture is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. There were only 1700 examples of this machine made.

In any case, both of the cars are in rough shape after being swept out of their owner’s garage during the Hurricane. The owner of the cars met with YouTube user, Douglas Thron, for a short interview to talk about what happened.

The owner of the machines says that he did try to save the cars but when they started tipping over from their perch atop a couple of car lifts, there really wasn’t much that he could do. When water rises to the point where it reaches a car on the lift, you kind of just have to hold on and wait to see what happens next. In a lone bright spot here, the owner says that because of the way the cars fell in front of the house, they were able to avoid being swept away into the sea.

As unfortunate as the situation is, the owner and his family do seem to be safe after the Hurricane. While the cars did likely sustain a ton of flood damage, the bodies do look like they might be salvageable with a ton of work, of course. It’s hard to tell the extent of things from the footage but we would probably venture to guess that these two cars might have a future of being restored.

The owner of the machines doesn’t stop here with his collection, either. Instead, he says that he owns another 1970 Superbird and an additional 69 Daytona. These additional cars were fortunately removed from the garage before the storm and were said to have been saved.