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Mechwarrior Dad: Ultimate Cosplay Costume For Dads

There are people who participate in “Cosplay”, which is basically wearing costumes anytime outside of Halloween or some kind of themed party, and there are some people who REALLY get into it. We’ve found a dad who definitely falls under the latter category.

We thought at first this was a Halloween costume, given the time of year, obviously it would have made sense. However, upon further investigation, we found this was actually a project built for a local Comic-Con type event that this dad was attending with this two young daughters. Regardless of what the outfit was for, Dad certainly went above and beyond, which I’ve found to be a constant trait among cosplayers. These guys and gals don’t just grab a costume from their local Party City or off of Amazon, most of them create their own costumes or have someone tailor an outfit to their exact size and shape. Dedication to ones craft, regardless of what that craft may be, is always something I can appreciate.

So what exactly is this that we’re looking at? I’m sure some of you out there are not familiar with MechWarrior, a futuristic video game that pits players against one another at the controls of massive BattleMechs. This costume is a ridiculously accurate reproduction of a BattleMech, one of the humanoid robots controlled by the players in the game.

The heart of the costume is actually the dad himself, who built the costume to carry his kids around at the convention, giving them the distinction of joining a very short list of people who have actually driven a BattleMech in real life. According to him, the costume is well vented, and weighs about 35 pounds without a “pilot”. He was able to transport his daughters for around 15 minutes at a time before needing to stop for a breather. The costume was hard on his abs and shins and bruised his shoulders a but, but as with most things shared with one’s kids, the pain was well worth the smiles, laughs and memories shared with his little ones.


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