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Meet Megasaurus the Ultimate Vehicle Destroyer, Monster Truck Destruction

Megasaurus is a transforming robotic dinosaur owned by Straight Up Racing that is used to destroy cars during monster truck events and exhibitions. Mike West repainted Transaurus to match Megasaurus so it can tour on the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. Mike and Bill have an arrangement for the time being. A remote-control toy is in prototype stages currently by Mattel.

Over the past 15 years, Wild West Entertainment has toured the USA and Europe showcasing a number of unique vehicles, including a jet quad, jet motorcycle, jet snowmobile, the Outlaw Super Trucks, and even a custom-built Harley-powered quad that toured the USHRA’s Quad Wars series.

Currently, they are touring with the Tee’d Off jet golf cart, the jet Cra-Z-Boy recliner, and car-eating cyborg dinosaurs, Megasaurus and Tyrannosaurus. Our vehicles have performed at numerous motorsports events across the USA and are available for monster truck events, drag races, the night of thrills events, air shows, Halloween-themed events, and local law enforcement agencies across the country. Their entertainment vehicles have been featured on Extreme Home Makeover, David Letterman Show, All Jacked Up, and Country Fried Videos.


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