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Meet The Harley-Davidson Street Rod Turned Snowmobile Built For Action!

In pretty much every facet of motorsport, there are several different ways to skin a cat. In drag racing, for example, perhaps a driver is looking to go with a lot of cubic inches to get down the track in the fastest way possible. On the other hand, cubic inches might not be a major part of the equation but instead, it’s a lot of boost that is getting the job done. If someone wanted to take it even further, they might not even drag race a car or truck at all but instead can elect to go with some other sort of machine like a snowmobile to get down the strip. This time, we meet up with a couple of folks who probably would take the third option should it ever come down to a situation like that.

Now, in this one, we aren’t talking drag racing but are looking at one of the more unlikely ways of entering something like the Winter X games duty of athlete transportation. One would think that with all of the options out there in the power sports market that there would be some sort of snowmobile brand chomping at the bit to offer up some rigs for the duty. There are certainly companies out there that dedicate lots of time, money, and manpower making the best snowmobiles possible. Instead of modifying one of those units, though, these guys would go down a completely different path, taking something out of the Harley-Davidson catalog and customizing it to be one-of-a-kind.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside line on how exactly SMCO in Long Beach, CA has taken street rods and chopped them into something that might just resemble a snowmobile. This might not be the most likely way to blitz through the winter wonderland but these custom rigs are sure to seize the moment!