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Meet The Hellcat Powered 6×6 Jeep Pickup Truck!

For most people, when they take a look at a car or truck, all that they will see is the vehicle that sitting in front of them. Now, that sounds quite obvious but just to illustrate what I’m talking about, on the flip side of that coin, there are people who will take a look at a vehicle and see all of the potential that it has and how they could take this vehicle and turn it into a machine that dreams are made of. Now, this could include a whole range of different modifications from simply throwing a lift kit on it and sending it to the mud all the way to a completely custom outlook. If you take one look at this Jeep, in particular, it’s not hard to tell that the owner really had something grand in mind.

With the Jeep Wrangler donning the “JK” chassis code, there are hundreds if not thousands of plug-and-play modifications for the platform. In fact, it might even be able to be argued that it’s one of the most easily modifiable vehicles that you could find out there. However, “easy” wasn’t in this creator’s playbook as he decided that he wanted to put together something completely different, a Jeep that would be very much one-of-a-kind and take the platform to an all new level to the point where it will turn heads everywhere that it goes.

The video below delivers you not only the end result of a 6×6 Jeep stuffed with supercharged Hellcat power, but also an inside line on the process that brought this thing together. After all, the whole thing started with a perfectly good Jeep that was stripped down to its bare bones, even going so far as cutting it in half before fusing together just the right parts to create such a monster. From there, it was all creativity and ingenuity to get to what we see today!