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Meet The Hot Rod Hoarder: The Man Who Hoards Classic Race Cars

One of the most blissful parts of life is being able to figure out what it is that makes you happy. At the end of the day, there are a lot of people who just bounce around from thing to thing, trying to figure it all out. Being able to really pin down the one or several things that bring a smile to your face is really the hardest part in building a life worth living.

Naturally, here in the car community, many of us have found that passion in the automobile. Sure, we all have our differences and probably enjoy different facets of the automotive community. However, most of us have that one thing in common, that we can really come together and enjoy cars in a pure way. Just being around them has a way of bringing a smile to our faces as we get so immersed in the world of wheels.

This time, we stumbled upon a gentleman that has done that tenfold. Not only has he found a passion in the world of wheels. He has also taken it upon himself to add a couple of vehicles to his collection. In fact, he loves collecting cars so much that he has picked up the nickname “Hot Rod Hoarder” somewhere along the way.

Let us just tell you that that name didn’t come by accident and certainly isn’t an exaggeration. This time, we follow along with the Uncle Tony’s Garage YouTube channel as he checks in with the Hot Rod Hoarder to see what all is in his collection. Everywhere that we turn in this video, there’s another piece of history and something cool to really sink your teeth into. Being able to be surrounded by all sorts of muscle like this must be nothing short of a dream.