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Meet The Top 5 Loudest Porsche Models Ever Made

For those of us who are into cars for the passion, performance and beauty, we’re used to noise. Almost every car in an enthusiasts hands will have a modified exhaust. For most anybody who modifies their ride, exhaust is generally the very first modification when the process starts.

You can search Facebook, along with countless old-school message boards, and find enough discussion and debate about exhaust to make your head spin, and honestly very little of it depends on actual fact, instead personal preference takes precedent in the argument. However, when the guys in this video set out to find the 5 loudest Porsches, they left nothing to opinion, instead bringing a decibel reader and taking actual readings to find out the winner and 4 runners-up.

Number 5 on the list is a car that kind of surprised me, just because it doesn’t look all that aggressive. Of course, looks have almost nothing to do with performance or sound, and that’s what the 911 SC “Safari”. We recently shared a video about a company that has started converting old 911’s into Safari editors, but I don’t remember them being anything like this laud. Either way, the Safari 911 checks in at number 5.

Another 911 checks in at #4, this time the gorgeous 911 RSR. Legendary in the endurance racing realm, this car is obviously built for speed and not comfort. Once the engine is cranked and revved a few times, you’ll see just who it made this list.

The second and third car on the list are next, with the 928 Trigema and the 804 Formel 1 represent two vastly different approaches to reach the same goal: success on the racetrack. However, for the day only, the focus is on the glorious noise belching forth from their exhausts.

If you want to know the top car on the list, you’lll have to hit that play button below and find out for yourself. I can assure you, it’s one cool ride, as are the other four already discussed above.

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