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Meet The World’s First Bus Designed Specifically For Off-Road Use

When you’re going anywhere off-road, you probably think of the ultimate off-road machine as some sort of truck that’s lifted up with some aggressive tires on it. Normally, this is what people end up using in order to navigate through rough terrain and do so with some sort of utility. However, what happens if you want to go off-road and get from one point to another all while hauling an even bigger load, perhaps a whole group of people who need to get from one place to another and the in-between just doesn’t so happen to be paved? Well, it seems like the bus known as the Torsus might just be the answer.

“The world’s first heavy duty 4×4 off road bus, the Torsus® Praetorian® is designed to transport personnel and equipment across rough ground and in tough conditions.” –Torsus.eu

Powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, the Torsus promises plenty of torque to pull all the weight that’s on board and help to keep those tires spinning in a variety of rough and rugged situations. From there, it just gets more exciting as the bus promises a “rugged build quality” that comes with a whole varitey of features from a wide array of lighting to a pneumatic seat for the driver, rearview camera, and a bull bar amongst other features which almost seem to be too numerous to list, with our favorite being a Line-X coating!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to get your eyes on this all-terrain boss that really promises a lot! If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure machine to get all of your friends on the road (or off it), while the price isn’t listed on the official website, dealerships have been rumored to have them available for somewhere in the ballpark of $150,000.