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Michelin’s Fan Experience At Petit Le Mans Sets A New Standard!

When it comes to racing, there are many ways to go about attacking the track, all with nuances that make them interesting and challenging alike. These nuances, after all, are why we all have different passions in racing within this world of wheels of ours. However, I think that many would argue that endurance racing might be among the most grueling, putting teams and their machines to the test for the longest periods of time, leaving little time for rest and refueling the body. Watching this all unfold is impressive as these teams really push their way through the challenge, which is why, races like the Motul Petit Le Mans is something that you need to see at least once in your lifetime!

When the fans started to show up, the folks at Michelin wanted to show them a good time and include them in all of the festivities that surround such a prestigious gathering! Therefore, the Michelin Fan Experience steps in!

“It was a good day at the raceway! Thanks to our fans that came out in full force to Road Atlanta for the Motul Petit Le Mans. From speed painting to passion sharing, it was the ultimate setting to celebrate our love for racing. Looking forward to creating more motorsports history and trackside memories with drivers, teams and fans in 2019!” -Michelin’s official Facebook page

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get a small taste of what Michelin did to give fans that full experience and get the immersed in the world of endurance racing! After watching something like this, it has to start up a pretty interesting internal debate that weighs on the side of making it out to the next one! We certainly wouldn’t want to be the ones to miss an experience like this one!