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Military Tank Expert Rates Infamous “Fast & Furious 6” Tank Chase Scene

At this point, I don’t think that anybody over the age of 12 heads into a movie from the Fast and Furious universe with the expectation that they’re going to see a technically accurate masterpiece. Do plenty of people still enjoy these films to the tune of billions of dollars at the box office? Sure. However, knowing that you’re heading into something that’s going to take some creative liberties is a must if you expect to enjoy the experience.

Over the years, it seems as if the stunts within these films have gotten more and more extreme, deviating from reality the longer that the series goes on.

I think that I can speak for a lot of Fast and Furious fans when I say that the films are still enjoyable for many. However, on the other hand, it’s also a good time to dive into the technical details to see exactly where the film crew might’ve gone a little bit in that creative liberty direction and away from the direction of reality.

This time, we catch up with a scene that most Fast and Furious fanatics are likely familiar with. We’re talking about that scene where the bad guys managed to pull a tank out of their arsenal for a high-speed car chase in Fast & Furious 6.

In the video below from Insider, a military tank expert digs into the scene to see exactly how accurate it would be in real life. For all intents and purposes, we would guess that the vast majority of moviegoers likely have no idea what a tank like this is capable of or where the inaccuracies might lie. Therefore, the crew behind the shot could probably stretch that suspension of disbelief out a little bit further than in other scenes.

When the tank expert steps in, though, we’re going to learn all about how this machine accelerates, its car-crushing ability, and where antitank weapons would come into play. Furthermore, the expert gives the scene a rating out of 10 that explains just how real the action sequence actually was.