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Million Dollar Center Console is the Party Barge That We All Need (+6 Engines!)

Sometimes, we take a look at the toys available on the market and can’t help but get lost in them. No matter how expensive or extravagant they are, we just can’t help but picture ourselves on board. With the Scout 530LXF, that’s the exact feeling we get. Even though the vast majority of people in the world probably couldn’t afford this thing, it’s fun to dream.

Just to get this out of the way first, from a little bit of research, we think that we’ve come up with an approximate price. Scout is one of those companies that doesn’t list the pricing on their website. However, we found that the baby brother to this boat, the 420LXF, fetches right around $1 million before options. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine what this boat brings at more than 10 feet long.

So, at seven figures, what is it that we’re getting for all that loot? This thing has to be the next best thing since sliced bread, right? Well, For those thinking that a boat that goes for that much money is incredibly awesome, they’re absolutely right. Everything starts out with six Mercury 400 outboards. Between these engines, the boat is capable of 70 mph. For most boaters, they would think this fact is pretty cool and just be plenty impressed. However, we’re just getting started.

On board the monstrous 53-foot center console, we find absolutely everything that one would need to both live and party. On top, we find all sorts of different seating, storage, and even a bar. Of course, this is complete with hideaway barstools as well. There are plenty of other features including fresh tap water and a generator that really give occupants the chance to party it up without sacrifice. When we saw the fact that the vessel has a sunroof, our jaws dropped to the floor. As someone who has been around boats my whole life, I definitely can’t say that I have ever seen that before.

What heading down below into the cabin, of course, things get even better. We’re greeted with all sorts of features from custom cabinets made of the highest quality materials to plenty of room to sleep and even a television.

We would continue to go on and fill everybody in with the rest of the features but it begins to get depressing as this thing is fitted with more luxuries than most houses in America. However, for those who want to catch up with the rest of what this Luxury center console has to offer, the full details can be caught down in the video below. The tour is downright amazing!