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Mini Subwoofer 25mm (Smallest Subwoofer in the World)

While, in most facets of life, things have managed to become more compact, it seems like, in the car audio world, the bigger the speaker you have the better. Now, I know that technology in that realm has also become more compact but there’s something about the presentation of the larger speakers that really make a build look more impressive. This is why you see people out there with subwoofers that span such massive diameters, really cranking up the volume on an industry that’s all about bringing the noise.

This time, however, we check out something that’s just a little bit different as someone has decided to go the opposite way, creating an incredibly small subwoofer. At just 25 mm, this subwoofer claims to be the smallest in the world. Even though it doesn’t have the size, it certainly seems like this tiny little thing manages to hit pretty good for what it is. However, I’m not really sure what kind of application you would use such a speaker in. Perhaps this would be something good for the world of remote control to explore a little bit.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you along for a ride with this tiny little speaker and be sure to tell us what you think of how this thing drops the bass in a pretty unique way. In addition, be sure to spill the beans on exactly how you would put this speaker to use if it should fall into your possession. While it’s definitely not really clear what exactly it was designed for originally, I’m sure that somebody put a lot of work into making a speaker the small come to life. The longer you look at something like this, it seems like it just keeps on getting more intriguing.