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Mini-Tractor Pulls On Asphalt Might Be The Ultimate Redneck Sport

When it comes to pulling ability, look no further than the tractor pull because these machines are set up to be the best at getting weight around. This time, though, we check out a shrunken down version of the event as some smaller rigs are getting in on the action and entering in a pull that isn’t happening in the dirt but instead, on the blacktop as these rigs will have an all-new challenge to deal with as they need to grab traction in a situation that dictates their tires are going to spin on the surface that they’re battling on!

With these machine, we get to see the likes of some major power in motion and the best part is that it’s all stuffed into a small little package which makes the big show just a bit more extravagant. With this kind of big power, you’d feel like the tractor pull beast could manage to change the rotation of the Earth if the drivers aren’t careful as they lay into the throttle and really send all of that mass into an all-out acceleration that will boggle your mind. Seeing something making that much torque is really a delight and makes you think about the possibilities of such insane pieces of equipment that can go above and beyond to accomplish amazing things in their respective fields.

Follow along down the video below as the drivers here cracks the throttle and make their rigs scream a blissful note that is indicative of all of the power coming out of the other end.  Be sure to check out these small but mighty machines in action and tell us what you think of this tractor pull competition that put everyone in attendance on notice, requiring their full attention to what’s going down on the blacktop!

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