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Mod2Fame’s Cheapokitty is Fixed… Sort Of.

Stefan from Mod2Fame had the check engine light come on in his Hellcat Challenger, which he’s dubbed Cheapokitty due to it being the culmination of his search for the cheapest Hellcat in the nation. We caught up with him most recently as he was trying to decided when and where to take the car to have it checked out, so today he’s dropping the car off to have it diagnosed and repaired.

Stefan made the trip up to Meadowlands Dodge to have the service done since they have a SRT tech on staff, which he explains the benefits of in the video. He drops the car off, finds out from the dealership that the issue was a faulty O2 sensor and that the dedicated SRT customer service team is putting in a request to have the issue covered under warranty despite being just a few miles past the factory bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Stefan picks the car up and it sounds and feels great, so he hits the open road to do a few 70-80 pulls to demonstrate how easy it is to pass other drivers without even having to bother changing gears, unless of course you just want to drop a gear and disappear.

However, when Stefan stops to fill the car up with gas, he gets another check engine light, meaning the car has to go back to SRT to get checked out again. This code shows the issue being a problem with the exhaust flap that opens under wide open throttle to redirect the exhaust. We’ll have to wait until the next video from Stefan to find out how that situation gets addressed and if SRT picks up the tab for that repair as well.

Be sure to check back often, as I’v been following this Cheapokitty saga for months now and can’t wait to see more about the repairs and the mods Stefan has planned for the car.

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