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Mom’s reaction to her first Mustang ride – She wasn’t ready for it at ALL!

Who doesn’t love a good “OMG it too fast!!!” reaction video, especially when the victim is a sweet, unsuspecting mom?! These make for some of the funniest videos on the internet, and we have a doozie for you today!

YouTuber chrissnell331 took his mom for a short ride in his Mustang, and after lulling her into a peaceful state of mind with some calm, careful driving, he nearly gives his dear old mom a heart attack. Mom even asked, in the most mother-ly way possible, if the car was going to be skating around on the highway, apparently keen on the car’s performance potential.

Chris reassures her that the ride will be nice and tame, then promptly drops the hammer, sending mom into a hysterical fit of squealing and grasping for something to hang on to! After running up through third gear, Chris rolls out of the gas and his mom is able to regain her composure… somewhat! Thanks to Chris for nearly killing his mom for our entertainment. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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