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Monster Mud Jeep Attacks A Mud Hole With A Never Give Up Attitude, And Wins!

When you see someone hit the mud bog, the machines involved in this facet of motorsport tend to be incredibly serious. These purpose-built heavyweights have tons of time and money invested in making sure that no matter how much mud is in their path or how deep it might get, they will never get stuck. Sometimes, they don’t meet that goal but watching all of that effort in action is certainly quite the pay off as you can see these insane Jeeps, trucks, and other rigs roar to life as they tickle the rev limiter with whatever engine is being put to use and they really make sure that the suspension is digging down deep and going above and beyond in order to deliver these different vehicles to their destination on the other side of the pit.

Many times, with these sorts of trucks at the mud bog, things might start off slow. Even though the engines are absolutely screaming, getting through all that mud is still a struggle as tires have to grab traction and keep on spinning in order to make magic happen. It’s a constant back and forth as it looks like the trucks are going to be stuck out there need a little bit of assistance, however, that’s what makes it even more special when one of them manages to pull through on the other side and absolutely obliterates the competition.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see an insanely built Jeep as it goes after a mud pit with a vengeance. It seems like this driver is stopping at nothing to get across this pit, even if it means doing a little bit of damage to his rig. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch this thing in action and you can’t help but find yourself cheering it on as it charges forward through all of that thick mud, eventually finding success on the other end of the pit.