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Monster Truck Legend Does First Ever Reverse Flip

Monster Truck Legend Does First Ever Reverse Flip

In the age of the internet, it can be a little bit easy to become desensitized. Years ago, seeing something for the first time could really put shock and awe in somebody and people were a lot easier to impress. However, with unlimited data at our fingertips and endless ways of making the most impressive things rise to the top, being impressive is getting harder and harder.

There are those, though, who go out and practice their craft to such a level that they’re able to rise to the top, even in a community that can be cluttered with all sorts of competitors. This time, we get to meet up with one of those people who have really managed to hone their craft.

Tom Meents is best known for his talents behind the wheel of a Monster Jam monster truck. More specifically, he wheels fan favorite, “Max-D” or “Maximum Destruction.”

Some might think that driving a monster truck is a walk in a park. At the end of the day, it should operate pretty similarly to a traditional truck except bigger, right? While technically some of that might be close to accurate, the ability that drivers like Meents have behind the wheel is certainly anything but typical. Instead, they really push the limits on what exactly is possible with four wheels, all while trying their hand at defying physics as well.

This time, we join in with Max-D as Meents hops behind the wheel yet again and tries out something spectacular. Starting with the back wheels on top of a ramp and the front wheels firmly planted on the ground, the star of the show this time maneuvers the vehicle forward. However, he does it while the monster truck is on just two wheels. Before we know it, though, he’s wheeling up the ramp backward and managing to do a flip, all in reverse. This is something that truly needs to be seen to be believed.