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Motorcycle Rider Flips Off Cop, Meets Instant Karma When He Dumps Bike

This time, we check out a little bit of a throwback that gives rise to a curious situation that ends in a crazy way. It’s really hard to say what started this dispute. However, apparently the motorcycle rider found it to be a suitable reaction to flip the bird to the following police officer.

Immediately after the one-finger salute, the motorcycle rider wasn’t about to hang around. Instead, he would immediately rocket away, trying to evade the police in the quickest way possible. It’s kind of hard to tell if the police were even pursuing the rider. However, he still took it upon himself to weave in and out of traffic for several minutes following the situation.

It’s pretty easy to be put on edge as the video takes us on this wild goose chase of sorts. This rider really seems to enjoy pushing his luck as he comes within reaching distance of all sorts of vehicles. One false move or lane change by another driver and this one is all going to come crashing down.

At the end of the daring ordeal, that’s exactly what happened.

Eventually, the high-speed joyride evolves to the place where the rider can’t react in time to a situation that happens right in front of him. Everything comes crashing down as the rider is speeding along with a double yellow when a minivan pulls out in front of him.

It appears as if the rider is shaken up just a bit after the incident but we’d be left to assume that he would end up being fine. It’s unclear if the police would ever end up catching up with the suspect or not. Again, though, if we’re left to make a safe guess, we would probably say that they likely got a call or two in relation to the rider’s whereabouts.


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