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Motorcycle Rider Sends it in a Roll Race, Flips Over Backward!

Motorcycle Rider Sends it in a Roll Race, Flips Over Backward!

Sometimes, you just end up getting the short end of the stick. For this particular motorcycle rider, that appears to be the case. When he headed out on this particular day, things would end up getting sketchy in a hurry. We’re going to wager that he probably didn’t have these sorts of expectations when he strapped on his helmet that day.

From the get-go, it looks like we’re about to get a hint of an exciting race. These bike versus car exhibitions always seem to have our attention. The allure of potentially getting to see a heavy automobile keeping up with a motorcycle is definitely eyebrow-raising. What happened next would certainly do a little bit more than raise a couple of eyebrows, though.

Instead of an all-out drag race, things went sideways from the start.

As the motorcycle rider gripped the throttle and turned it, he would find instant power that simply wouldn’t allow the front wheel to stay down. It appears as if the rider anticipated that he was going to need every ounce of power that the bike had to offer, forgetting that the powerful machine beneath him may get a little bit rowdy.

When all was said and done, the bike rocketed up in the air and bucked the rider off like an angry bull. After, the guy does get up, seemingly ok. This is truly a testament to safety equipment! However, he’s probably going to be feeling that bump in the morning!

Luckily, all of this happened at an incredibly low speed. It may look like a cloudy day for this particular individual. However, looking at the bright side, if this had happened at a higher speed, the story may have a slightly darker tone to it.

People seem to be fascinated with the clip. In fact, this particular clip has managed to go rather viral over the past day. Since being posted yesterday, the clip has been shared to 241,000 times. In addition, 30,000 people have taken the time out to comment.