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Moving Train hit by Tornado

When you wake up in the morning, you could probably predict what the most likely formula for your next 24 hours will be. For most of us, we wake up, go to some sort of job, and come home to have a little bit of leisure time, perhaps with variation from person to person. However, you could never with 100% accuracy predict what exactly is going to happen that day because sometimes, life really has a way of throwing a wrench in the gears, taking what you thought it was going to be and turning it into something else entirely. That’s a situation that the crew on board this train came face-to-face with.

Sure, it does look like they all woke up and went to work on the train that day, however, as this crew made their way down the tracks, they would be greeted by something that was pretty incredible and nobody could ever fully prepare for. As the train made its way toward its destination, it would have the unfortunate liberty of being greeted by none other than a tornado and the result is exactly as you would probably envision it. Let’s just say that, based on the footage alone, you could tell that the people on board that day probably had quite an adrenaline rush, to say the least.

If you follow along down the in video below, you’ll be able to see the railcars as they make their way down the tracks in a way that seems pretty run-of-the-mill, however, eventually, the wind and rain starts to pick up pretty heavily before it goes completely out of control, with the forces of mother nature pushing the cars completely off of the tracks and wreaking havoc the best way that she knows how. Life can really throw you a curve ball at any time and this is essentially the textbook definition of exactly that phenomenon.

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