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Mowing the Lawn is a Dying Job – This Robo Mower Might Make Life Easier

As a push towards the future of technology and innovation, it seems like automation is at the top of the list of those who invent. At this point the timeline, it really feels like the future is going to involve a lot of technology carrying out tasks for us. Whether those tasks are driving or mowing the lawn, there are pieces of technology in development that promise to make these tasks something that we don’t even have to think about, whether for better or for worse. In the very near future, if humanity still cares to read, even articles like these will probably be written by robots.

In the world of lawn mowing, a task that I’m not sure that many folks are necessarily excited to keep doing, Technology looks to interject. With the help of a lawnmower that goes by the name of the EcoFlow BLADE, the task of mowing the lawn or having to pay somebody to mow the lawn might just be a thing of the past.

Autonomous lawnmowing robots do already exist on the market. While their level of efficiency might be brought into question, it does seem as if this is an industry that has competitors ready and willing to invest money in the name of attempting to make each iteration of the automated lawnmower just a little bit better.

With the EcoFlow BLADE, we meet what might be one of the most advanced members of this community. The mower is completely wireless and doesn’t even involve the use of a boundary line. It also introduces new movements and functionality along with including a bagger which is an emerging in this realm of lawnmowers as well.

By checking in with the video below from Linus Tech Tips, we get a little bit of insight into exactly how our lawns might be getting mowed in the very near future.