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New FORD Trucks Could REPO Themselves With Autonomous Tech

As technology develops in front of our eyes, we’re exposed each and every day to things that we never thought possible. The folks behind creating some of this cutting-edge stuff are constantly hard at work, attempting to create a new tech or streamline just about anything that one might use on a regular basis.

To the delight of financial institutions and the dismay of people who weren’t planning on paying their car note, there’s some new technology in the works that might just make repossessing a vehicle easier than ever – at least when it comes to Ford truck owners.

According to YouTube creator, Brian Mello, the blue oval filed a patent on February 26 that raised a couple of eyebrows. Apparently, the idea behind the patent is to be able to disable the functionality of one or more components in a vehicle that has an over-the-air data connection. In the future, this might just be all of the vehicles released by every automaker as data-connected vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace.

As our host points out, one section of the patent goes over different repossession scenarios. This includes one where the vehicle would be able to autonomously move from the premises of the owner to wherever the lien holder sees fit, whether that’s bank property or some sort of impound lot.

Naturally, technology like this is going to end up being controversial when it finally does hit the court of public opinion. I don’t think that there are very many people who are disagreeing with the idea that a car that isn’t paid for should be repossessed. However, the idea that the bank or whoever else can have control over your vehicle and guide it to go anywhere at any time is an entirely different ethical situation to dissect.

So, what do you think of all of this new tech that is unlike anything we’ve seen before?