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Moyer Shatters Doorslammer Record by Astonishing Margin

When it comes to drag racing, winning races is the ultimate goal, but for enthusiasts, etching their names into the record books adds a sweet layer of achievement. In the competitive world of drag racing, where every racer in a class aspires to claim the same record, achieving this distinction marks one as the best among the best.

Today, we check in with an individual who swung for the fences and connected, resulting in a record that’s going to be hard to beat.

In this instance, the Doorslammer class record was not just broken but shattered by a significant margin. To those unfamiliar with drag racing nuances, tenths of a second might seem negligible. However, in a sport where records are frequently broken by fractions of a second, with some teams managing to secure their place in the record books by only hundreds or thousands of a second, witnessing a full tenth come off the record is a head-turning feat.

Enter Todd Moyer, who piloted an outlaw trim Chevrolet Camaro to break the Doorslammer record by an impressive two tenths of a second in the quarter mile. In a remarkable November run, José Gonzalez set the bar at 5.359 seconds, only to be bested by Moyer who managed a 5.1-second pass at 273 mph.

Moyer prefers to use a turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro tuned by Carl Stevens as his weapon of choice, equipped with a 4.9 Hemi engine built by Xtreme Racing Engines. The combination of turbo power and precision tuning proved potent enough to not only break but smash the existing record.

The video below, courtesy of Straight Line Media, takes viewers to the heart of the action, showcasing this exceptional Camaro as it hurtles down the track, securing its place in the record books with a performance that stands out as a work of art in the world of drag racing.

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