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Hennessey Drops Big News: 1700HP Demon 170 TT Package.

For enthusiasts who have been following Hennessey Performance, the Hennessey name holds a distinctive reputation for transforming already exceptional cars into extraordinary machines. Some of these cars might even be seen as future collectibles but the company has no problem cutting into them to create something even more radical.

Enter the Dodge Demon 170, a nameplate that resonates as an icon in the automotive world. Beyond being a limited-run collectible, this car symbolizes a potential end to an era. With Dodge steering away from the production of muscle cars and setting its sights on new horizons, the Demon 170 might just be the swan song for traditional muscle cars.

As depressing as that might be, the Demon 170 is undoubtedly something juicy to sink our teeth into and a car whose story we’re excited to see unfold in shops and on drag strips around the country.

Even with such a spectacular car at their disposal, John Hennessey himself initially questioned whether this machine could be further enhanced and it it was worth cutting into such a rare bird. After thoughtful consideration, he affirmed that such vehicles are precisely the ones his company thrives on modifying. Thus, Hennessey Performance is committed to imparting its unique touch to this iconic muscle machine.

Departing from the factory supercharger, which already produces a staggering 1025 hp, Hennessey’s plan involves introducing a pair of Precision 75/76 turbos. The ultimate goal is to elevate the machine’s power to an astonishing 1700 hp.

In the video below, Hennessey provides a comprehensive rundown of what fans can anticipate when this customized ride hits the market.

Modifying a car of this caliber undoubtedly requires courage, but for those daring enough to undertake the endeavor, the outcome is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary. As the automotive landscape evolves, Hennessey Performance continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of high-performance vehicles.