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Mud trucking like a boss! Guy loses a wheel and keeps going!

When you head out there on whatever surface it is that you race on whether it be the dirt, mud, or some sort of paved racing wonderland, one rule applies to all racers. If you aren’t going to leave everything that you’ve got out there on the course, then you might as well not head out there at all.

That “go hard or go home” mentality is definitely alive in very well with the driver of the RIP mud truck as he takes his ride to the limit and then some. The never quit factor is real as the driver does some major destruction and just keeps on keeping on no matter what.

As the truck made its way around the Thunder Valley Mudplex, the driver pushed machine as hard as he possibly could, in fact, he managed to go so hard that he lost an entire wheel and tire. 99% of the time, that would stop a truck in its tracks but not this one!

Check out the video below as the guys over at Busted Knuckle Films do their best to bring us an up close and personal view of the action and that’s exactly what we got. Whether or not this guy did more harm than good is up for interpretation but you certainly have to admire his will to win.