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Murder Nova Hits the Fueltech Dyno With New Twin Turbo Setup

When it comes to being able to dial in your car, the dyno can be a very valuable tool. It helps deliver all of the data that one could ever want or need. When dialing a car in, though, the platform can be where dreams are made or broken. All of the hard work to pull together a setup is going to come with some expectations.

The dyno over at FuelTech has played host to some of the most insane machines in the racing industry. With that, many times, we find those car owners aren’t exactly willing to give up numbers. This can be par for the course.

One theory contests that the less information a competitor has, the better. On the other hand, this time, we join in as Murder Nova gives us a little bit of a show. When all is said and done, he lets us in on how much power the car has made. As the pull wraps up and the camera ends up panning to the dyno screen, we find that the car has cranked out over 3400 horsepower. How’s that for a little bit of sauce?

Along with the video, the 187 Customs Facebook page tells us “We’re here at FuelTech USA and swapped over the SPARK8 Coil on Plug and put the Precision promod 98s on. Here’s our first pull at 60psi of boost.”

Watching a combination like this in motion is truly special. We feel fortunate that social media allows us to peek behind the scenes in situations like this.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in on quite the experience. Murder Nova is really one of those cars that we just really can’t get enough of.


Having the opportunity to hear it open up on the dyno is truly a treat to watch.