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Murder Nova Takes On “The Giant Killa” At No Prep Nationals

Street Outlaws stars Big Chief And Shawn, who drives the Murder Nova, take a lot of grief on the internet from fans for cutting back on the number of events they attend, especially in the no prep world. The duo isn’t really known for no prep track racing, but occasionally do show up to no prep events, notably thier hometown race Outlaw Armageddon, and the annual no prep race in Bristol seem to be the only they guys hit consistently. However, this past weekend the guys showed up to something a little different; a no prep race that started at the top of the track going from the shutdown area racing towards the area typically used for the starting line. This backwards track racing is something the guys did many years ago, until sanctioning bodies cracked down on this type of racing at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, their local track.

Shawn took the Murder Nova out to the race, known as No Prep Nationals,  which took place at Heartland Motorsports Park, and NHRA sanctioned track in Topeka Kansas, while Chief brought The Crow and his CTS-V known as Caddy Jack. The race featured a $40,000 to win big tire class, and was held on an asphalt surface which the guys would seemingly have an advantage on, as sketchy asphalt surfaces seem to be something they’re accustomed to racing on.

In this race you see Shawn take on “The Giant Killa” what looks to be a short wheelbase rotary powered machine with a giant turbo on it. While Shawn lays down a decent run, fighting through some shake early before hooking and booking hard on the top end, the Giant Killa failed to live up to its name. He did put on a heck of a show, though; dragging the rear bumper before lifting out of the throttle and slamming the nose back to earth hard enough to bust the oil pan it would appear. There was fluid dripping from beneath the car as he pulled to the side and eventually exited the track. He may not have killed a giant, but the fans loved the effort!