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Murder Nova Turns on Clocks, Runs All-Out to Eighth Mile

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in all of the grudge racing is the times that the cars are able to produce at the track. Drivers might allow a couple of small details to slip here and there. One thing that we absolutely never see from the hardcore grudge scene is times.

In the scheme of negotiating a race, all sorts of things can be twisted to modify the truth. It’s kind of hard to talk your way into a race when the other driver knows what you run, though. Drivers usually try to do everything that they can in order to gain an advantage on the next driver. It’s really a dog eat dog world where every last advantage counts. In some situations, posting a time can kind of spell out the end of a grudge car’s career.

Most of the time, when we see grudge cars like Murder Nova, the clocks are off. Keeping that info close to the vest is normally a good bet. This past weekend at the 2020 Midwest Pro Mod Series season opener, that wasn’t the case though. We have seen the car making hits to the eighth-mile before shutting down and showing the quarter-mile time. This time, though, Shawn elects to show off his eighth-mile times in competition. It seems like quite a bold move!

 URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS was on the scene to capture the moment. In addition to getting the inside scoop on what Murder Nova is able to accomplish, the event gives us a much-needed push toward the racing season. Man, are we happy to be able to see a little bit of action again.

In other news, we saw Daddy Dave make a statement at the event, so be sure to head over and check that one out as well. – URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS