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Murder Nova’s Son Aiden Lobbies To Get A Shot At The Daily Driver Race

Over on Murder Nova’s personal YouTube channel at 187 Customs, we have been watching the racer show his son, Aiden, the ropes to be a racer just like dad. Over the course of a couple of videos, we would watch Aiden end up getting himself an old school Chevrolet Chevelle and obviously when your dad is Murder Nova, the car has to be modified as well. With the YouTube channel, we’ve been able to watch that process come to life.

However, even though this youngster might have an edge over other kids his age, he can’t do everything just yet. While it is possible to race on the track without a driver’s license, taking a car on the street is an entirely different story. In this case, obviously, Aiden would probably be more than capable to get behind the wheel and take his old-school Chevy on public roads. However, whatever the state says is obviously the rule set that needs to be abided by.

In any case, that isn’t going to stop Aiden from trying to convince dad otherwise, anyway. Honestly, we would probably do the same!

This time, we watch as Aiden tries to get Shawn on his side, attempting to convince dad that he should be able to compete in Farmtruck and AZN’s daily driver race. However, it seems as if one of the prerequisites that Aidan is missing is that driver’s license. Per the teaser that we find below, it appears as if Aiden’s car will be participating in the race but he will probably be absent from the driver’s seat.

As a youngster, we know that Aiden is likely just dying to get behind the wheel here. We remember that feeling like it was yesterday. However, we’re sure that before long, he will be out there on the streets making a name for himself… just not yet!

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