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MurderNova Lights The Boards Testing At The Track.

Sometimes, when casual fans take a look at the Street Outlaws, they might think that these guys have their stuff together at all times. The racers certainly are the top of the game. What a lot of people don’t realize, though, is that it’s all about constant improvement. Even for the driver who is at the top of the list and constantly winning, they have to keep pushing. With everybody else gaining momentum, standing still is a good way to get yourself shuffled out of the equation. Therefore, we will commonly catch these guys testing and tuning, getting different parts of their setup in line.

One thing that is uncommon, though, about seeing these types of cars at the track is lighting the scoreboard up. After all, for those who make a career of grudge racing, they don’t want the competition to know what they run. Last week, though, we actually caught up with Big Chief as he sent “The Crow” down the track and lit up the scoreboards. There is a catch, though. Instead of lighting up the eighth-mile scoreboard, the race where these guys compete, they light up the quarter-mile scoreboard, instead.

With the way that these cars are set up, they have to let off before the quarter-mile. They tend to throw the parachute as well. Therefore, there is little to no useful information that’s displayed to competitors. However, it is interesting, as fans, to see how fast these things are actually going. Even when slowing down before the quarter, they’re still blistering quick.

By following along with the video below from Drag Addicts, we get yet another display that shows times on the scoreboard. This time, it isn’t The Crow that’s racing but instead, Murder Nova. As one of the fan favorites on the show, everyone should be excited to see this car out there cracking into the 6-second range in the quarter mile.

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