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Mustang Horror Story Tells About Car Totaled Two Hours After Delivery

Sometimes, given the situation, you really can’t help but feel bad for somebody. We, as gearheads, know the attraction to the automobile and what we all go through, spending our hard earned cash that we’ve worked all year making just to dump it into the car to make it a little bit faster or better looking in some way, not to mention all of the time that’s spent gawking over parts. In this one, we catch up with somebody who happens to be just like us, somebody who has spent a lot of money purchasing their dream car in a Ford Mustang and spent even more money sending it in to the shop as soon as they got it to have it modified to the way that they think that it should’ve come from the factory.

After all sorts of modification including an engine that was worked from the bottom up and a supercharger, they’d finally have the car of their dreams. For anything like this to come together it takes an extensive amount of planning and figuring out exactly where you’re going to get all the parts and money from. However, moments after that feeling that must of had this Mustang owner on cloud nine, they probably came crashing down pretty fast not only figuratively but literally as well. Unfortunately, just a couple of hours after picking the car up, they would be T-boned, leaving the once beautiful machine in a state of complete disrepair.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to trace the lines of the carnage as apparently two drivers didn’t quite see eye to eye out there on the roadways and left this behind as a result after they collided with one another. I guess that one of the lone bright spot in a situation like this is that insurance will probably handle everything and will be able to essentially scoop the guts out of the shell of the Mustang and plop them into another car. In addition, it wouldn’t appear as if anybody was hurt which is the biggest component of them all. However, after getting something exactly the way that you want it, that has to be quite the heartbreaker at the worst possible time.