Mustang Owner Goes Full Send, Makes Direct Contact With Light Pole in Parking Garage Fail

Something like the need to show off a little bit kind of goes hand-in-hand with ...

Something like the need to show off a little bit kind of goes hand-in-hand with having a fancy car. Some people are still more reserved with their driving habits behind the wheel of such a machine. However, there are others who simply can’t help themselves but try to draw a bit of attention.

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It’s unclear if the driver of this Ford Mustang was in that camp or if he was just trying to have a good time. At the end of the day, though, I suppose that intent doesn’t really matter. Regardless of what he was trying to do, what he did end up doing was something that the driver would very quickly regret. We would probably be willing to bet that if this driver had a time machine, this would probably be an opportune time to use it.

The caption with the video posted by Brandon Calderon reads, “I went out to one of my [favorite] parking garages for … pictures last night.” Calderon then says that the 5.0 Mustang owner came from out of nowhere and started doing donuts. He decided to keep the camera going as the driver plowed straight into a light pole. It seems as if the talent simply ran out here.

It’s not every day that you’re in a public place when a driver just starts ripping donuts in front of you. It’s even rarer that said driver ends up losing control of the vehicle, running out of talent, and plowing into an inanimate object. I guess at the end of the day, the very least that could be learned from this is maybe to do burnouts in an area where there aren’t light poles everywhere. There’s a reason why there are spaces dedicated to exactly this kind of driving. A parking garage isn’t one of them.

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