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Mustang owner Gone Wild

In a video like this, the context really of evades us but exactly what we see happening is pretty wild to watch. I guess that it’s all of the speculation to see exactly what the story is behind this one but, from what we’re looking at here, it looks like a Ford Mustang is wildly driving out of control, going in circles and nearly running over people and vehicles alike as it destroys streets and other fixtures around the incident. It’s kind of terrifying is the car simply goes on a rampage, taking out everything that ends up being the unfortunate victim that lies in front of the heavy hunk of steel and fiberglass.

Now, I guess you could slice this one a couple of ways and we will layout the stories that we think happened here, mind you that neither of them really has any sort of real evidence to back them up, but do seem to be the only likely answers. First, the Mustang could have a stuck open throttle that left the driver with no way to turn it off. If you just happen to be stuck in a situation like this, it could be truly terrifying and it would appear that this person could be in that predicament. That would really explain why they keep running into things because, if my throttle were stuck wide open, I would probably be aiming for the nearest inanimate object that wasn’t going to move. However, with the reputation that Mustang owners have stacked up, it could be a whole entirely different scenario, indeed.

This one is a little bit less likely, but I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that the person behind the wheel of this car got a little bit angry at somebody or something or, for some reason, completely lost consciousness. That would also go a long way toward explaining what we see for reasons I probably don’t have to spell out for you. In this one, we invite you to check out the video down below and try to explain to us why you think something this nutty is happening right in front of this camera lens as it films the event.