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Ford Owner Takes Damaged Car to Maaco, Sees the Result, Couldn’t Regret it More

Paint and bodywork on a vehicle is pretty interesting thing to dig down into and take a look at. Now, it’s definitely an area that most professionals would probably agree isn’t an exact science as a little bit of art is thrown into the way that you lay paint and prepare a surface, however, I think that most people who are familiar with what it takes to really get a good paint job done will probably agree that in the vast majority of cases, you end up getting exactly what is that you paid for.

That’s why these body shops that are widely commercial and offer different packages for just a couple hundred bucks are generally looked down upon in the community.

Now, for a simple job, or something that you don’t need to be perfect because it’s on a show car, maybe getting a little bit of work done by one of these cheaper businesses might be the way to go. In fact, if you can do all of the bodywork yourself and prepare the surface, many argue that it’s one of the easiest ways to go, as long as you’re not letting them get to in the amount of detail as we see here, detail that requires more attention than apparently this shop had time for.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll learn a little bit about a horror story as a Ford Mustang went into the doors of one of these shops and definitely came out in a way that I can personally say I would never accept the car. I know that we all have our own personal preferences and standards but this one is bad, really bad!

The car’s owner even said that the aesthetic hood scoop was reinstalled in such a way that it would later fly off of the car and hit another in traffic. I guess that was just the icing on the cake because it really looks like this vehicle owner is about ready to see what she can do about getting her car fixed. I’d probably be trying to get a refund as well if I were looking at things from her shoes.

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