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Farmtruck & Azn Drive The Carnage MX5 (Twin Turbo LS1 Miata)

After having a blast at the thirtieth annual Street Machine Summernationals last year, Farmtruck and AZN made the long trek back to Australia this year for the 2018 edition, and they made the absolute most of the experience. Not only did they show up with a ride of their own – a blown LS-powered C10 twin of the OG Farmtruck built just for slinging rubber and making clouds in the burnout pit – but they also got to spend a little time cruising in one of the most insanely ridiculous builds we have ever laid eyes on.

Carnage is the nickname given to this ride, and we can absolutely understand why. What you’re looking at is a Miata, which is the antithesis of a brute-strength quarter mile drag car. Of course they handle really well and we have a ton of respect for what they can do on a road course, but this is literally the last car anybody thinks of when building a car for the dragstrip. Of course, if you take out the stock four banger and swap it for an engine with twice as many cylinders PLUS a pair of massive turbochargers, that completely changes the game. Not only does this Miata – or MX5 as the native Aussies call them – have a boosted 5.7 liter LS sticking through the hood, it’s got a huge pair…

… of tires out back. The combination of a powerplant that, if it’s tuned properly and running on high octane fuel, should easily crank out 4-digit horsepower numbers while pushing around about 800 pounds of car should make for some ridiculous times in the quarter and an insane amount of fun.

The car is easily street drivable as long as the driver keeps an eye on the gauges and don’t let the engine overheat, something that our dear friend AZN neglected to do. Hopefully the engine just got a little too warm and puked the antifreeze and didn’t hurt anything internally. With the 2018 Summernats being such a massive success, we can’t wait to see what these guys do to follow this up!