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Mystery 1971 Dodge Barn Find That Has Been Hidden For 15 Years In West Texas

The art of the barn find is one that definitely is exciting! There’s nothing like rolling up on an unknown find and the potential for there to really be something special. Even if it’s not in the best condition, coming across a car that’s incredibly rare or in some way close to your heart can be intriguing. The unknown really makes these experiences special for the person behind them and when you finally do find out what the big surprise is, it gets even better. In this case, we check out a truly classic car that any car nut should be able to appreciate.

Behind the barn, this time, we ride along with Jerry Heasley to find a 1971 Mopar machine that appears to have been stored in such a way as to keep it in rather good condition with all factors considered. I mean, when something is abandoned for years, you don’t know what to expect! Without much rust and lots of parts that are still in-tact, this thing is a truly special find as it looks like it has been left to sit for quite some time, just waiting for someone to come across the piece that has been sitting in the arid conditions, and keeping itself in stellar condition to be brought back to life one year when someone with the mechanical inclination is able to haul it from its slumber. The fact that it was in arid west Texan climate probably helped a ton to preserve the machine.

If you follow along in the video below, we’re able to trace the lines that make this machine that make the car something incredibly special. When you stumble upon a car like this that’s true to its heritage and spills out history thanks to all of the factory touches that are still in place, you really get a sense of appreciation for the top notch find. To make things even better, they’re even able to fire it up and head out for a drive!