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Touring Tony Stewart’s Massive Collection With Guest Host, Jeff Gordon

As fans, no matter what we’re fans of, we have this way of wondering exactly what some of our favorite athletes and celebrities are up to when they’re not doing what that they do best. It’s an odd fascination. However, western culture has dictated we need to know more about famous people. This time, we get to see what one of our favorite NASCAR legends has hiding out in his garage.

I think that, as gearheads, one of the first natural questions that we might have about some of our favorite NASCAR drivers is if they tend to take the passion of the automobile with them behind-the-scenes. After all, this is their job. Not everybody enjoys taking their work home with them. This might be true even when said job is as cool as driving a high horsepower racing machine around the track. As cool as it might seem, it can be a grind to deal with racing for weeks at a time. Maybe some of these guys prefer more leisurely activities when they’re off of the track. That’s certainly not the case for Tony Stewart. In fact, his collection is a bit ridiculous.

While such a concept might be true for some drivers, when it comes to Stewart, it turns out that he actually does have quite a nice collection for himself behind closed doors. This includes but isn’t limited to a Smokey and the Bandit movie car, a whole variety of his race cars, and all sorts of late-model toys.

If you’d like to learn a little more about what you can expect from this driver, the video below is a gem. Jeff Gordon even gets in on the action to talk about the stories behind some of these cars. It’s quite an interesting dynamic as these two pick apart some favorite moments.