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NASCAR Veteran Joey Logano Shows Off His Massive Ford Collection

When it comes to being an automotive enthusiast, we all have our own thing. As it turns out, NASCAR veteran, Joey Logano, has quite a passion for Fords. In fact, he takes this passion to an all-new level, pledging his unwavering allegiance to the brand with every single car in his collection. No matter where we look in Logano’s personal garage, we find something else with a blue oval on the front of it.

Sure, there are plenty of collections that focus on one brand or another. However, very rarely do these collections stick completely to the plan. For Logano, though, it doesn’t appear as if he would dare to buy anything without a Ford logo on the front.

However, even though the collection is consistent with the brand, it’s rather diverse with the selection. For example, there are old cars as well as new ones. On the older end of the spectrum, we find the likes of a Model T. On the new end, we check in with one of the most impressive feats of engineering that has ever been accomplished by Ford in the most recent Ford GT.

To top things off, Logano has a couple of Mustangs from different generations as any good Ford fan would. He also has things like a classic Econoline van and a ’35 Factory Five Ford drift truck. As we said, there are a lot of different strokes here, that is, unless you’re just looking at the brand behind the creations.

Down in the video below, we get a tour of the garage that shows off how a person who drives for a living gets their kicks while off the track. There are also a couple of track cars sprinkled in as well, though, just put the cherry on high adrenaline the sundae.