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NASCAR Winner Burns Car to the Ground With Wild Victory Celebration

This past weekend at Martinsville Speedway, NASCAR fans watched on a three different classes made their way around the track that is affectionately known as the paper clip.

In this particular case, we catch up with the NASCAR Xfinity Series results that would send competitor, John Hunter Nemechek to victory lane. However, before he took possession of the trophy after beating out the rest of the field, Nemechek took it upon himself to celebrate in style.

Most NASCAR fans are certainly proponents of a big, smoky burnout to celebrate a win. Nemechek took it to the next level, though, burning down the tires until the rear end of the car caught on fire. In fact, this was such a wild celebration that NASCAR commentators even commented about the potential safety hazard of the fiery burnout.

At the end of it all, Nemechek was able to walk away from the situation unscathed. However, comment sections lit up with all sorts of different opinions on the matter.

While some commenters mirrored the aforementioned concern about safety, others dove into a little bit more sinister of an angle.

Ever since it’s conception, NASCAR has been known as a sport where if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. Drivers and teams will sometimes really push the limits on the rulebook in the name of taking home victory. As it turns out, sometimes, this means the drivers will go to extreme lengths to protect their secrets, even if it means burning down a car to hide potentially illegal modifications.

There is no concrete evidence to support that this was the case in this particular situation. However, speculation has most certainly run wild as such a narrative is too juicy to pass up.

In any case, we can most definitely appreciate is that the celebration is one of the most epic that we have seen in recent memory and really put an exclamation point on a race at one of NASCAR’s most popular tracks.