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10 Sleeper Trucks That Outrun Supercars

I don’t need to explain to you why owning a supercar has widespread appeal. Supercars do more than just go fast. They also stand out from the crowd and are often created in a bespoke fashion, ensuring that the driver won’t have the same set of wheels as anybody on the block.

However, not everybody has supercar money – duh. Spending as much on a car as one might on a house is something that only a select few can do in their lifetime.

For those looking for the performance of a supercar without the price tag, there are real-world options that are obtainable for the average person. A certain collection of trucks, in particular, offer a twist on speed that nobody would expect.

Over the years, there have been some interesting options in the performance pickup truck world. With the help of Ideal Media, we check in with a list of the 10 quickest production trucks to ever hit the streets. From your modern machines like the Hummer EV and Ram TRX to the old-school GMC Syclone that ruled the streets back in the early ’90s, this list has a wide variety of pickups that might just surprise you and rival a supercar in performance.

I mean, what could be cooler than having a run-in with a Lamborghini and sending that Lambo home with its tail in between its legs all while you’re hauling around a bed full of lumber? The sleeper appeal in this corner of the performance world is really off of the charts as these trucks deliver on a high level even though they tip the scales with a serious weight disadvantage.

Below we drool over the list of trucks that you might not want to challenge if they pull up next to you for a drag race.